LEON WONG国际获奖婚礼摄影作品集


Gold Medallion(WPJA 2018 V19) 

12th Place(WPJA Q3 2015, Touch) 

4th Place(WPJA Q2 2015, Reception) 

Judges Comment: This was an image favorite of mine at first sight and a good example of the scene and the image generously sharing light and color in a blend of smooth composition. Photos like this become the moment before our eyes by transporting us to more than the obvious via a mix of scene and excellent “seeing” by the photographer.

5th Place(WPJA Q4 2014, Mirrors) 

Judges Comment: This is a warm and inviting image that uses the entire frame to provide a narrative of visual information. The stark countertop merely adds to the intrigue, providing a second layer of the story without distraction.

20th Place(ISPWP Fall 2014, Framing The Subject)

6th Place(ISPWP Summer 2014, Wedding Details)

12th Place(AGWPJA Q3 2013, Reception Ambiance)

13th Place(ISPWP Fall 2013, Venue or Location)

3rd Place(WPJA Q2 2013, Emotion)

Judges Comment: Unexpected perspective. Nice moment. Emotion carries it.

Judges Comment: A nice moment, shot from inside the car, framing the contrasts of emotion between the bride and person outside.

5th Place(WPJA Q2 2013, Lit Portrait)

Judges Comment: Nice framing with the bride and groom against the evening lights of the city. It gives me a little feeling of vertigo.

1st Place(WPJA Q1 2013, Weather)

Judges Comment: The water droplets juxtaposed with the bride’s smile made this photo a great moment.

Judges Comment: The contrast of the cool exterior light and the warmth of the yellow interior light emphasizes the chill of winter. The bride looks beautiful and unfazed by the bad weather. Nice moment.

Judges Comment: Beautiful expression of a bride who won’t let rain affect her day.

4th Place(WPJA Q1 2013, Ceremony)

Judges Comment: Loved looking at the emotions on the bridesmaids faces, with only one fighting away tears. Their dresses complimented the the draping of the background which added the the visual appeal.

11th Place(WPJA Q1 2013, Weather)

15th Place(WPJA Q1 2013, Getting Ready)

5th Place(AGWPJA Q4 2012, Kids)

Judges Comment: The little girl has a great expression that is framed perfectly by the kissing couple. I applaud the photographer for looking past the obvious kissing picture to see the little girl.

4th Place(ISPWP Winter 2012, Venue or Location)

12th Place(WPJA Q3 2012, Lit Portrait)

17th Place(ISPWP Winter 2012, Bridal Party Portrait)

6th Place(ISPWP Fall 2012, Family Love)

20th Place(ISPWP Fall 2012, Pure Art)

1st Place(AGWPJA Q3 2011, Getting Ready)

Judges Comment: The three silhouette women create a very strong graphic appeal especially with the hint of color behind the women on the right side of the frame. Additionally the gesture created by each women is really a nice added touch.

Judges Comment: I liked the mood created by the silhouettes. I liked the framing of the windows and the body language. It combined the documentary and the artistic sides of photography to create a moody and compelling image.

12th Place(AGWPJA Q4 2011, Emotion)

16th Place(WPJA Q1 2012, Emotion)

14th Place(AGWPJA Q4 2011, Ceremony)

Judges Comment: This image is pure and simple grace. What a lovely moment captured with the skill of good lighting/exposure and composition.

20th Place(AGWPJA Q4 2011, Getting Ready)

13th Place(AGWPJA Q1 2012, Details)

Judges Comment: Centered composition works great here and the color palate is a good find by the photographer. This detail will remind the couple of where they got married in a beautiful way. Nice!

7th Place(ISPWP Summer 2012, Bridal Party Portrait)

11th Place(ISPWP Summer 2012, First Dance)

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